Why choose us?
We know you have many choices between automated security and Custom Theater Installation. There’s more to it than just gimmicky commercials.  We are truly invested in providing world class safety and home entertainment to each of our clients. Here are some reasons to choose SmartHomes 4 U’s World class service.

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To make sure you have the best Customer experience, it start with our knowledgeable & friendly staff. Followed by our skillful, “white glove” service technicians.  We always provide our clients with long term commitments from us, without forcing them into long term contract. Our 24/7 U.L. Monitoring team receives continuous mentoring throughout their career to ensure they stay current with training and will always deliver exceptional life-saving service.


Our Information Representatives will tailor a system specifically for your family or place of business. It is important for you to have a system that makes you feel safe as well as easy to use.  We can fully customize all aspects of design w/ out giving you more than you need… Or more than you need to pay.    They will also provide live demos to ensure you understand all capabilities of your chosen technology. Your Information Representative will be available throughout your entire procedure.


We pride ourselves in furnishing the most advanced technology available.  From the touch of a button to the sound of your voice being able to turn on lights, disarm alarm, open blinds, and brew your favorite coffee. Clients can view CLEAR images when their children are arriving home from school, receive text notifications and view other areas that detect motion. We put great efforts in to making sure you have the best and most efficient methods at your fingertips.